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Technical Documents

Document Description
070363 Fume Buster
070368 Bench Vent Fumebuster w/ Arm
071252 Multi-Volt FumeCube Max
072155-072160 Multi-Voltage Fume Cube
080472DEB 650 Volume Control
080500D-080503D 800i - 2 & 3 Tier
081026ID-080411ID 200i-400i Vacuum Control
09080 Ultra Light Metal Expansion Wristband
0AL4102-0AL4103 Multi-Voltage FumeCube Max
0AL4102-0AL4103 Alpha 400
0AL4107 XBase 400
0LX2011D-0LX2010D-0LX1511D 1500i - 2000i
0LX2101D-0LX4001D 200-400 Volume Control
0LX2121-0LX4013D 200i-400i Volume Control
0LX5551D 5000i
10200J Micastat®静電気拡散性ラミネート 図面
12800J Statshield 静電気防止バブルバッグ - 図面
13950J Statshield® アルミ箔付き防湿ESDバッグ
13960J Statfield®アルミ箔防湿バッグ 厚さ0.1㎜
16475J フィールドサービスセット ポータブルマット、リストストラップ付き
1890 1X2 1890 Series Dissipative Rubber Mat
231600 Static Dissipative Tool Roll
242201 Moisture Sensitive Caution Label
249275 stat-A-REST™ Foot Grounders
3033 Snaps and PRES-N-SNAP Tool
3033 Snaps and PRES-N-SNAP Tool
35193 Arm Band ESD Badge Holder, 2-3/8" x 3-3/8" Insert Size
35260 durAstatic® Blue Dissipative Bottles Only
35270 durAstatic® Orange Dissipative Bottles
35273 durAstatic® Green Dissipative Bottles
35276 durAstatic® Yellow Dissipative ESD Protective Bottles
35282 durAstatic® Blue Dissipative Bottles
35491 durAstatic® Orange Dissipative Bottles Only
35494 durAstatic® Green Dissipative Bottles Only
35497 durAstatic® Yellow Dissipative Bottles Only
35563 durAstatic® Flux Dispenser with Needle Tip
35697 Dissipative Round Brush, Nylon, 1/4 in. width
35873 Assembly Workstation Organizer
37563 Reel Storage Holders
37700 Black Cushion Grade Static Dissipative Foam
37700 Black Cushion Grade Static Dissipative Foam
37710 Pink Cushion Grade Static Dissipative Foam
37752 ESD Stacking Mini Board Handler Tray
37752 ESD Stacking Mini Board Handler Tray
37765 Tek-Tray Partition Set
37765 Tek-Tray Partition Set
37816 Plastek Trash Receptacles
38840 Plastek Circuit Board Shipper Box Only
38841 Plastek Circuit Board Shipper with Pink Foam